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In this section, you will find links, useful information and forms covering various aspects of finance, the mortgage process and related areas Please feel free to explore the information provided but remember that all of the information is general in nature and may not relate to your specific circumstances


The Purchase Process
What Properties Can I consider
Important Do’s & Don’t’s When Getting a Mortgage
Statutory Declaration – Gift
Do you Need a Pre-Approval
The Cooling Off Period Explained
How to Negotiate the Best Property Price

Government Benefits:

First Home Buyers Assistance Scheme (Stamp Duty Concession)
Home Guarantee Scheme (Formerly FHLDS)
Family Home Guarantee Scheme
Regional Home Buyers Guarantee Scheme
Shared Equity Home Buyer Helper
First Home Owners Grant (New Home)
Home Builder Scheme
First Home Super Saver Scheme

Third Party Links:

The Value of Mortgage Broking – Deloitte Economic Report
Buying a Property at Auction
Capital Gains Tax
Land Tax NSW
Deposit Bond – What is a Deposit Bond?
Living Expenses – HEM (Housing Expenditure Measure)
Credit Report – Equifax
Have a Problem with your Credit File – Princeville Credit Advocates
CoreLogic – RP Data (Property information)
Buying a Property – What You Need to Know
NSW Stamp Duty Reforms
Financial Counselling Service
Financial Counselling Service -Hornsby
Debt Mediation Services – United Debt Assist
Assistance with Budgeting and Money Management
Lender Identification – Idyou
Direct Mortgage Concepts – Smart


Pay Calculator
Superannuation Calculator
Income Annualisation Calculator

Lender Links:

AFG Home Loans
AFG Edge
AFG Edge – Redraw

Firms We Recommend:

Accountant – Mark Hurden & Co
Assured Conveyancing
Galaxy Property
Legal – Consent Orders for Financial Seperation Agreements


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