Negative Gearing – What is it, and how can it work for me?

Negative gearing is a financial strategy commonly used in real estate investment. It involves borrowing money to purchase an investment property, such as a rental property, with the expectation that the rental income generated will be less than the expenses associated with owning and maintaining the property, resulting in a net loss. Here’s how negative […]

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Refinancing hits record levels

Consumers are enthusiastically refinancing to home loans with lower interest rates, judging by the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Borrowers refinanced a record $19.5 billion of home loans in November, which was 20.4% higher than the year before. The main reason people switch home loans is to get a lower interest rate

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Rents jump 10.2%

Property investors are enjoying strong rental returns from their investment properties, judging by the latest data from CoreLogic. Across Australia, the median rental rate increased by a large 10.2% in the year to November. The city-by-city breakdown was: * Brisbane = 13.6% annual increase * Adelaide = 12.8% * Sydney = 11.1% * Perth =

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New home sales trending down

The Housing Industry Association expects home-building activity to decline next year, despite the large amount of residential construction taking place right now. Although the number of new home sales in the month of November was 1.2% higher than October, sales in the November quarter were 23.4% lower than the previous quarter, according to the HIA’s

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Rental vacancy rate just 0.8%

Several capital cities have recorded a slight increase in the number of vacant rental properties, but the market continues to strongly favour property investors. The national vacancy rate in November remained at a record-low 0.8%, according to Domain, which means only 8 out of every 1000 rental properties were empty in the month. That said,

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